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Cosmeceutical Manufacturer

Your cosmeceutical manufacturer for all product types

The Highland Skin and Nutra manufacturing center team is dedicated to creating a product to meet your exact specifications. Once you have completed the formulation process, we can determine the most effective delivery system of your cosmeceutical. Manufacturers should take into consideration absorption, bioavailability, use, and safety of the product – the Highland Skin and Nutra team has the expertise to recommend the best product form for your skin care products.

Your product can be manufactured in a variety of forms

Because we use the latest technology in the cosmeceutical manufacturer industry, products with the newest innovations are available. No matter what product form your cosmeceutical is – from liquids to creams, gels to lotions, or evenscrub lotion – manufacturing processes at Highland Skin and Nutra are designed to handle small quantities, as well as larger volume orders. Because of a highly efficient, streamlined system, Highland Skin and Nutra can ensure that your product form will be consistently available, as well as cost effective for you and your target audience.

Our professional team will walk you through each step of the cosmeceutical manufacturing process. The physical properties of your skin care product will need to be carefully considered when determining which product form will be best for you. Some factors that need to be determined is whether your ingredients or oil-based or water-soluble, if the delivery system will chemically deliver the ingredients as needed, the disintegration properties of the product, and the location and depth of the body the ingredients should reach.

Your market will also play a role in deciding what product form would work best for your cosmeceutical. Some product forms are more costly to produce, it is imperative that you take into account what costs your particular market will bear.

Your cosmeceutical manufacturer should assist you in making the appropriate choices for your products. You can trust that the years of expertise and industry knowledge that Highland Skin and Nutra possesses within the cosmeceutical manufacturer industry will be utilized to create a suitable, functional product for your market.